(Re)Discovering Paris

Heading back from Bangalore to Grenoble, we decided to spend a few weeks in Paris to explore, meet people and understand the French Tech ecosystem. Living in Paris like a local (well, almost), taking public transport to co-working places & meetings, and dealing with Parisians outside the tourist track opened my eyes to a different Paris.
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Lessons in Agility from Arya

You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit obsessed with agility over the last few months. I’ve read several research papers, and case studies, but the biggest example of agility over the last few months has been Arya. From being a dog that refused to step out of the house because of her extreme anxiety, to traveling across continents to be with us in France, she has surprised us with her agility! … More Lessons in Agility from Arya

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name, you ask? Quite a long story, I say.  Take my name. Geetanjali Shrivastava. I was named after the collection of poems written by Rabindranath Tagore, since my father had hoped for a girl with a sweet, melodic voice. He didn’t get that, but that’s a different story. As a name, Geetanjali … More What’s in a name?