Rendez-vous with Pollock and Basquiat

Jackson Pollock (2000) directed by Ed Harris The first film I saw during Desi Pardesi at the NGMA, Pollock was a film I wanted to see for several reasons. Till last year I knew nothing about Pollock, except that he featured on a tee-shirt I'd bought in France with the faces of the most famous... Continue Reading →

Sundays at NGMA.

The Bangalore chapter of the National Gallery of Modern Art, is situated on Palace road, not far from the Alliance Française, so when a student spoke about an exhibition of photographs by Homai Vyarawalla (see this Themeefy for more information), I decided to go there that very day. I was enchanted even before I saw... Continue Reading →

A Letter from Courbet

I saw several films, during the screening of films about the "Grands Maîtres d'Art" organized over 4 weekends at the NGMA (Bangalore) in collaboration with the Alliance Française. The two films that stayed with me and I would strongly recommend to everybody interested in art, whether a novice or an expert are  “La Danse et Degas”... Continue Reading →

Dimanche matin avec Degas et ses danseuses.

Le mois dernier, la Gallérie Nationale d'Art Moderne à Bangalore a organisé une projection de films documentaires sur des grands maîtres d'art en collaboration avec l'Alliance Française. J'ai pu assister quelques films dont j'ai beaucoup apprécié "La Danse et Degas." Réalisé par Mischa Scorer le documentaire trace l'obsession de Degas pour les danseuses de ballet.... Continue Reading →

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