Pet Peeves #1: The Usage of “Would” In Indian English

Once a student of English Literature, I tend to be a bit of a stickler for correct usage of grammar. As a language teacher, I have learnt to turn a blind eye to some common mistakes my students make. But there are some things that bother me too much to be shoved to the back [...]

How I Sold A Site

I didn't think it could happen, even though I'd read about it happening, and if it could, definitely not to me! But it did happen. I developed a site...and sold it! The idea for What Are Chatbots was germinated one summer afternoon last year when we were brainstorming with the founders of Skilla on how to [...]

Writing For A Chatbot

I started moonlighting for Skilla a few months ago. For the uninitiated, Skilla is a chatbot (currently in closed beta on Facebook Messenger) that allows people to create a professional page to showcase their skills and eventually find people with complementary skills for their project / startup. Users can message Skilla and answer some quick [...]

Social Media: My Tools Of The Trade

A social media consultant since several years now, I’ve seen the requirements for this position change much over the last few years. From being a purely text based content creation job, it has evolved into a full-time vocation requiring multi-tasking skills, design thinking and a more holistic marketing approach. The tools of the trade have, [...]

Organised At Home And Organised At Work Makes Me Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

I’m a sucker for neat, organised spaces and spend my weekends labouring over my storage spaces. My mother, a perfectionist whose cupboards are always immaculately arranged, doesn’t need to do this as often as I do and I find myself constantly running to catch up with her. I think I’ve finally found the solution: storage [...]

From Personal Blogging to Corporate Blogging

I started blogging in 2003, at a time when personal blogs were just starting to take off and blogged rather avidly for over 6 years. My blog posts ranged from the extremely personal (and thus immature) to travelogues and essays on more serious topics. An expert on the subject, I maintained over this period, several [...]