Goodbye Christopher Robin

My in-flight movie viewing tends to include at least one tear-jerker, so it had to be the case even this time. After a few relatively light views on the way out and in (should I reveal here that I shed a tear or two while watching “Murder on the Orient Express”?), I chose Goodbye Christopher … Continue reading Goodbye Christopher Robin

DanSeDialogueS 2014 : Our Solitudes

We had reached early in anticipation of this unique dance show in which the danseuse would be moving in mid- air, balanced with weights suspended from above. Having heard so much about this show, I sneaked in to get a preview (there are some advantages of being a teacher at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore … Continue reading DanSeDialogueS 2014 : Our Solitudes

The Birth of a Book: The Honey Hunter

A serendipitous collaboration is how Anita Roy of Zubaan Publications described "The Honey Hunters," written by Karthika Nair and illustrated by Joëlle Jolivet. Developed initially for DESH, a dance show, The Honey Hunters was born out of a discussion about the age-old diasporic problem of the loss of a language. "None of my friends speak … Continue reading The Birth of a Book: The Honey Hunter

Fingersmith [BBC Adaptation] : a review

Fingersmith : A talented thief. Originally fingersmith meant anyone talented at using his/her fingers in any matter whatsoever. It evolved to mean someone talented at stealing. - Urban Dictionary One of the two protagonists of this 2005 two-part BBC mini-series, based on Sarah Waters’ Man Booker Prize nominated novel of the same name, is a fingersmith. … Continue reading Fingersmith [BBC Adaptation] : a review

An Afternoon at Nrityagram

It had been on my list since I moved to Bangalore, when en route, my best friend commandeered me to go there on the very first weekend I was free. I was free on the first weekend in Bangalore and on several weekends since then, but it took me over two years to finally visit … Continue reading An Afternoon at Nrityagram

Ciné-concert: “The General” by Buster Keaton with live music by Radiomentale

My saga with rich cultural experiences continues, with the latest being the Ciné-concert organized by the Alliances françaises in India for the 2013 edition of Fête de la musique. What is a ciné-concert ? The concept harks back to the era of silent films when the screenings were accompanied by live music to set the … Continue reading Ciné-concert: “The General” by Buster Keaton with live music by Radiomentale

Bonjour India : Visualising Music with Puce Muse

From the moment I heard about Puce Muse and their multimedia concert, I knew that this was not an event to be missed. Visuals projected on the façade of a historical edifice accompanied by music - the description alone was enough to make me block the evening a month in advance. The first time I … Continue reading Bonjour India : Visualising Music with Puce Muse