Goodbye Christopher Robin

My in-flight movie viewing tends to include at least one tear-jerker, so it had to be the case even this time. After a few relatively light views on the way out and in (should I reveal here that I shed a tear or two while watching “Murder on the Orient Express”?), I chose Goodbye Christopher... Continue Reading →

DanSeDialogueS 2014 : Our Solitudes

We had reached early in anticipation of this unique dance show in which the danseuse would be moving in mid- air, balanced with weights suspended from above. Having heard so much about this show, I sneaked in to get a preview (there are some advantages of being a teacher at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore... Continue Reading →

The Birth of a Book: The Honey Hunter

A serendipitous collaboration is how Anita Roy of Zubaan Publications described "The Honey Hunters," written by Karthika Nair and illustrated by Joëlle Jolivet. Developed initially for DESH, a dance show, The Honey Hunters was born out of a discussion about the age-old diasporic problem of the loss of a language. "None of my friends speak... Continue Reading →

Fingersmith [BBC Adaptation] : a review

Fingersmith : A talented thief. Originally fingersmith meant anyone talented at using his/her fingers in any matter whatsoever. It evolved to mean someone talented at stealing. - Urban Dictionary One of the two protagonists of this 2005 two-part BBC mini-series, based on Sarah Waters’ Man Booker Prize nominated novel of the same name, is a fingersmith.... Continue Reading →

An Afternoon at Nrityagram

It had been on my list since I moved to Bangalore, when en route, my best friend commandeered me to go there on the very first weekend I was free. I was free on the first weekend in Bangalore and on several weekends since then, but it took me over two years to finally visit... Continue Reading →

Bonjour India : Indiamore

The second event of Bonjour India 2013 in Bangalore, Indiamore is a unique show uniting films, sound and images to produce music of astounding elegance and beauty by acclaimed pianiste, composer, and musical director, Christophe Chassol. The film starts with the most beautiful lines I've ever come across to describe Indian music : "He told me... Continue Reading →

Bonjour India : Urban Ballet

In the first edition of Bonjour India in 2009 I had walked away mesmerised by the elegance of Isabelle Anna and Quincy Charles who performed Kathak on western music in "Opus à Kathak." Of all the events I attended in Pune, it was the Kathak performance that stayed with me for the longest time. The second... Continue Reading →

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