Making A Chatbot For Students Of French

As a teacher,  I’ve been struggling for years to find a way for students to stay in touch with the language once they are done with their courses. Sure, they can (should) read, listen to the French radio channels, watch films, yada yada...the ways to stay in touch with the language are many and unlike... Continue Reading →

FranceSay: The Chatbot

There are several ways to learn a language - the old-school method of joining a class, using text books and other traditional study material, through immersion and speaking to locals exclusively in their language, or the more modern method of apps, like DuoLingo. But how do you go beyond the textbook / app? And how... Continue Reading →

My Students And Other Animals

The urban animal population seems to have an affinity to me, invading my home and even classrooms with little regard for my feelings. We've always had a dog at home, and briefly welcomed turtles, fishes and even birds - all adopted by my brother. But we've also played host to many uninvited animal visitors: lizards,... Continue Reading →

It’s A Good Time To Be A Teacher

Growing up, I observed teachers all around me and couldn't help but notice that all their creativity and innovation eventually led back to the textbook. As students, everything boiled down to the notebook and how we reproduced their content in our exams. Creativity and innovation were regarded with suspicion and choices were very limited. Fortunately... Continue Reading →

The Perks of Being A Teacher

It's not exactly the world's best paying job (especially in India). It's definitely not the easiest - you can't ever be late, you can't not know the answer to a question directed at you, you can't really afford to be ill-tempered or impatient and you often regularly have to deal with people who can't understand... Continue Reading →

Journal d’une Étudiante Éternelle

J’adore les formations. Depuis mon premier stage (la formation initiale de deux semaines à l’Alliance Française de Bombay) en 2006, j’en ai assisté à au moins un (parfois plusieurs) chaque année. J’ai eu la chance d’assister aux stages animés par les experts dans les domaines différents : les activités théâtrales dans la classe de FLE, le... Continue Reading →

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