#msFLE : Bilan n° 1

Ça fait un mois que je vous ai parlé de mon projet #msFLE - j'ai décidé d'utiliser les technologies Web 2.0 avec 2 groupes. J'ai commencé avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme, mais le manque de salle multimédia ainsi qu'une résistance de la part de certains élèves pour utiliser les technologies et faire plus de travail hors de... Continue Reading →

The little joys (and laughs) of teaching

When I started teaching I never imagined that apart from being incredibly de-stressing and satisfying at an intellectual and emotional level, it would also be an amazing source of humour…the things I hear in class are worthy of being compiled and published in a book! Here’s a teaser:-  J’ai emmené mes mères là-bas. (I took my... Continue Reading →

Social Media, Education and Themeefy

I recently attended a workshop on using Social Media for teaching French as a Foreign Language. As a reasonably Internet savvy person, I was already familiar with most of the tools presented, but the immense possibilities as well as the various experiments that have already been successfully put into practice left me amazed. Conducted over... Continue Reading →

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