Gourmand Geets: Tea Time

I grew up on a staple diet of Enid Blyton stories set in the English countryside. It's hardly a surprise then that tea time has always felt incomplete to me at home. Not a great fan of chai and pakodas, I shifted to coffee very early because it was so much easier to reconcile myself... Continue Reading →

I Clean. So I am.

I love cleaning, putting things away and organizing. It's been a bit of an obsession since childhood and though it's now difficult to obsess about it constantly, I still need an organised space to be able to work, think, eat, sleep and even be in peace. Stationary stores are just as tempting for me as... Continue Reading →

Nesting in Bangalore

"Petit à petit, l'oiseau fait son nid." (The bird makes its nest, step by step. In other words, Rome wasn't built in a day.) I love this French proverb for its poetry and for being so much more "real" than it's English counterpart. I couldn't care less about Rome, but I know that building a... Continue Reading →

Book Orgy

A few months ago I wrote about the second hand bookstores of Bangalore, Blossom and Bookworm, regular haunts and the source of some of the most interesting books in my collection. I don't remember a single occasion when I have walked out of either of these stores empty-handed. What truly delights me about both these... Continue Reading →

Sipping Tea At The Cha Bar

I was first introduced to the delights of tea and infusions by my father who often picked up various Darjeeling and Ceylonese teas for his friends in colleagues before one of his Europe tours. From hesitant sips, to countless rainy evenings in Bombay staring out at our drenched plants with a cup of steaming orange-cinnamon... Continue Reading →

Les bouquinistes de Bangalore

J'adore des livres. Mon rêve, c'est d'avoir une maison où une salle serait la bibliothèque. Une grande salle dans laquelle il y a une fenêtre qui donne sur un jardin et dont les autres murs sont couverts de livres. Bien évidemment j'aime des librairies. Un après-midi passé dans une librairie, feuilletant des livres, agenouillée ou... Continue Reading →

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