Pet Peeves #2 Badly Composed Tweets

As a language teacher, I'm used to dealing with all kinds of badly framed sentences: incorrect tenses, missing articles, wrong prepositions and invisible (I really mean absent) punctuation marks. I know it infuriates my colleagues, but not me. I understand that my students ' work is just that - students' work. It's in a classroom … Continue reading Pet Peeves #2 Badly Composed Tweets

How I Sold A Site

I didn't think it could happen, even though I'd read about it happening, and if it could, definitely not to me! But it did happen. I developed a site...and sold it! The idea for What Are Chatbots was germinated one summer afternoon last year when we were brainstorming with the founders of Skilla on how to … Continue reading How I Sold A Site

Writing For A Chatbot

I started moonlighting for Skilla a few months ago. For the uninitiated, Skilla is a chatbot (currently in closed beta on Facebook Messenger) that allows people to create a professional page to showcase their skills and eventually find people with complementary skills for their project / startup. Users can message Skilla and answer some quick … Continue reading Writing For A Chatbot

How Being A Social Media Ballerina Got Me A Pot Of Mustard!

Food Trucks are quite the rage in Bangalore since last year and you can eat a wide variety of stuff ranging from kababs to to pav bhaji to burgers to pancakes! My favourite of course is Le Casse-Croûte, a French food truck which launched in September 2015 and serves sandwiches (or croques as the French … Continue reading How Being A Social Media Ballerina Got Me A Pot Of Mustard!

An Instagrammer’s Best Friends

I joined Instagram rather late, resisting it as a platform for the frivolous, selfie obsessed millennials. But once on board, I found myself instantly addicted to the endless stream of beautiful, inspiring photos on my fields of interest: books, food, travel and dogs of course! I realised that there’s more to an Instagrammer than posting beautiful … Continue reading An Instagrammer’s Best Friends

Canva iPhone App: From Template to Buffer in 5 minutes!

A Canva junkie, who’s been creating social media graphics on the platform since November 2013 (yeah, I was one of those early users!), I was delighted to join Canva’s Inner Circle group on Facebook a few months ago and then receive Rose Powell’s email inviting me to join the Beta Tester’s group for their iPhone … Continue reading Canva iPhone App: From Template to Buffer in 5 minutes!

Social Media: My Favourite Tools

A social media consultant since several years now, I’ve seen the requirements for this position change much over the last few years. From being a purely text based content creation job, it has evolved into a full-time vocation requiring multi-tasking skills, design thinking and a more holistic marketing approach. The tools of the trade have, … Continue reading Social Media: My Favourite Tools