Road Trip to Wayanad (Bootcamp Version)

We were craving to do a road trip ever since we got Phryne. We’d already driven down to Pune, but that didn’t count since we were on NH4 throughout the journey and there wasn’t even a grain of adventure involved. Balur? But we knew that route so well. We wanted to go off the beaten [...]

Coffee, Fireflies And More…

Back from a very adventurous and exhausting road trip, we were yearning for a do-nothing vacation. A vacation where we would be pampered, eat like royalty and just put up our feet and do…nothing. But not the luxury hotel, spa kind of vacation. We had been through some rather dangerous terrain, but were still hankering [...]

Lingering at Balur Estate

Imagine walking up a winding path, surrounded by towering trees, hundreds of hectares of coffee, pepper, cardamom and betel nut plantations, the gurgling of the mountain stream and chirping of the birds the only other sound apart from that of the dead leaves under your feet. Top this with the experience of sitting around a [...]