French Jobs For Me

As a French teacher in the Alliance française network in India since 2011, I’m often faced with one of these questions: “What can I do after I finish the B2 course?” “How can I use French in my professional life ?” “Ok, so I’m now fluent in French. What can I do with this skill?”... Continue Reading →

Making A Chatbot For Students Of French

As a teacher,  I’ve been struggling for years to find a way for students to stay in touch with the language once they are done with their courses. Sure, they can (should) read, listen to the French radio channels, watch films, yada yada...the ways to stay in touch with the language are many and unlike... Continue Reading →

FranceSay: The Chatbot

There are several ways to learn a language - the old-school method of joining a class, using text books and other traditional study material, through immersion and speaking to locals exclusively in their language, or the more modern method of apps, like DuoLingo. But how do you go beyond the textbook / app? And how... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets : La Belle Vie

Located in Upper Coonoor, La Belle Vie housed in the 115 year old colonial hotel, 180° McIver, is a multi-cuisine restaurant that specializes in French cuisine. It was the board announcing its status as a "French Restaurant" that called my attention as our car made its way up towards Kotagiri Road. We went back the... Continue Reading →

The little joys (and laughs) of teaching

When I started teaching I never imagined that apart from being incredibly de-stressing and satisfying at an intellectual and emotional level, it would also be an amazing source of humour…the things I hear in class are worthy of being compiled and published in a book! Here’s a teaser:-  J’ai emmené mes mères là-bas. (I took my... Continue Reading →

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