Postcards from 2006

I’ve read so many anecdotes of people receiving parcels, that were lost in the post, years after they were sent. But not even in my remotest fantasies did I ever think that I’d be one of those people. Sure, I’ve fantasised a lot (and I mean A LOT) about getting a call from Air France... Continue Reading →

Bonjour India : Indiamore

The second event of Bonjour India 2013 in Bangalore, Indiamore is a unique show uniting films, sound and images to produce music of astounding elegance and beauty by acclaimed pianiste, composer, and musical director, Christophe Chassol. The film starts with the most beautiful lines I've ever come across to describe Indian music : "He told me... Continue Reading →

Bonjour India : Urban Ballet

In the first edition of Bonjour India in 2009 I had walked away mesmerised by the elegance of Isabelle Anna and Quincy Charles who performed Kathak on western music in "Opus à Kathak." Of all the events I attended in Pune, it was the Kathak performance that stayed with me for the longest time. The second... Continue Reading →

Ganpati Visarjan Bengaluru Style !

Born and brought up in Bombay, I am no stranger to Ganpati visarjans. We lived close to the beach and I was familiar with the chaotic madness, frenetic beating of the dhols accompanied by loud music blaring from the speakers and the huge idols of the visarjan processions. I grew up hearing stories of the... Continue Reading →

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