Goodbye Christopher Robin

My in-flight movie viewing tends to include at least one tear-jerker, so it had to be the case even this time. After a few relatively light views on the way out and in (should I reveal here that I shed a tear or two while watching “Murder on the Orient Express”?), I chose Goodbye Christopher... Continue Reading →

The Birth of a Book: The Honey Hunter

A serendipitous collaboration is how Anita Roy of Zubaan Publications described "The Honey Hunters," written by Karthika Nair and illustrated by Joëlle Jolivet. Developed initially for DESH, a dance show, The Honey Hunters was born out of a discussion about the age-old diasporic problem of the loss of a language. "None of my friends speak... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Story Catcher

When my friend first posted about this book on Facebook, I simply "liked" the post. Every Tim, Dick and Harry was publishing a book these days. All you needed was a contact in the right place. Barely five minutes later, I was back on her post. The Seshan family as I knew them were extremely... Continue Reading →

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