French Jobs For Me

As a French teacher in the Alliance française network in India since 2011, I’m often faced with one of these questions: “What can I do after I finish the B2 course?” “How can I use French in my professional life ?” “Ok, so I’m now fluent in French. What can I do with this skill?”... Continue Reading →

My Students And Other Animals

The urban animal population seems to have an affinity to me, invading my home and even classrooms with little regard for my feelings. We've always had a dog at home, and briefly welcomed turtles, fishes and even birds - all adopted by my brother. But we've also played host to many uninvited animal visitors: lizards,... Continue Reading →

The Perks of Being A Teacher

It's not exactly the world's best paying job (especially in India). It's definitely not the easiest - you can't ever be late, you can't not know the answer to a question directed at you, you can't really afford to be ill-tempered or impatient and you often regularly have to deal with people who can't understand... Continue Reading →

The little joys (and laughs) of teaching

When I started teaching I never imagined that apart from being incredibly de-stressing and satisfying at an intellectual and emotional level, it would also be an amazing source of humour…the things I hear in class are worthy of being compiled and published in a book! Here’s a teaser:-  J’ai emmené mes mères là-bas. (I took my... Continue Reading →

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