Bonjour India : Visualising Music with Puce Muse

From the moment I heard about Puce Muse and their multimedia concert, I knew that this was not an event to be missed. Visuals projected on the façade of a historical edifice accompanied by music – the description alone was enough to make me block the evening a month in advance. The first time I had seen something of the sort was in 2003 in Bordeaux, where they had projected a series of scenes on the Grand Théâtre. I still remember the delight I had felt when I saw the images moving across the facade.

During the performance.
During the performance.

Bangalore 360 by Puce Muse, the fifth event in the Bonjour India series in Bangalore was held at St.Francis Xavier’s Cathedral on St.Johns road. First constructed in 1851, the church was expanded to its current size and scale and inaugurated in 1940 as the cathedral of the Bangalore diocese. The 74 year old edifice boasts of beautiful stain glass windows which were recreated by Puce Muse using light technology – an experience that was amplified by the music on the Meta Instrument, a specially created instrument with an interface like a computer mouse that consists of 54 gestural sensors, and a joystick allowing the musicians to manipulate the music better.

The beauty of the concert however, was not so much the music, as the play of images on the historical facade, something Puce Muse is repeating across the country in Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Pondicherry and Pune. Sure enough, we walked out with the graphics spinning in our head, after barely 45 mesmerizing minutes of being under the Puce Muse magic.

I leave you with two brief video clips of the performance in Bangalore…

The official Puce Muse Video

A morceau recorded by me on my phone (I couldn’t resist!)

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