How Being A Social Media Ballerina Got Me A Pot Of Mustard!

Food Trucks are quite the rage in Bangalore since last year and you can eat a wide variety of stuff ranging from kababs to to pav bhaji to burgers to pancakes! My favourite of course is Le Casse-Croûte, a French food truck which launched in September 2015 and serves sandwiches (or croques as the French [...]

Gourmand Geets: Tea Time

I grew up on a staple diet of Enid Blyton stories set in the English countryside. It's hardly a surprise then that tea time has always felt incomplete to me at home. Not a great fan of chai and pakodas, I shifted to coffee very early because it was so much easier to reconcile myself [...]

Gourmand Geets: Un Brunch Chez Moi

Who doesn't enjoy a laid back Sunday brunch? It's a lovely way to spend Sunday in the company of good food, drinks and alcohol AND it's easier to organize. Plus it makes perfect sense for the OCD cleaner in me - so much easier to clean up after a brunch than a dinner that stretches into the next morning! [...]

Would You Like Some Muffins With Your Tea?

I've been fascinated with muffins and cupcakes for as far back as I can remember. Summer vacations, weekends and every free moment I had as a child were filled with Enid Blyton's books so it's a small surprise that my head was full of images of cold chicken salad, tomato sandwiches washed down with lemonade [...]