For The Love Of Ciders

“Cider? That’s a girl’s drink.” “You need to grow up and discover adult drinks.” “It’s just fruit juice.” “I guess you can’t handle alcohol?” “Oh, that sweet, fruity drink?” Just some of the reactions I’ve received when I tell people about my new found love for ciders. I usually just shrug and let people continue... Continue Reading →

Boozy Fruit Cake

I've been baking cakes for nearly over two decades now and though I'm a stickler for following recipes, I've started taking liberties and doing my own thing (within the pre-defined limits of a recipe of course). Last week's boozy fruit cake came from a random mélange of recipes of fruit muffins and Christmas cake that... Continue Reading →

For The Joy Of Cooking (And Eating)

As a child I was as dispassionate about food as one could be. I'm still not the “gourmand” in its connotation of a person who enjoys eating and often consumes copious amounts of food. But I have discovered that there is much pleasure to be gained from a good meal. My short stints away from... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets: Tea Time

I grew up on a staple diet of Enid Blyton stories set in the English countryside. It's hardly a surprise then that tea time has always felt incomplete to me at home. Not a great fan of chai and pakodas, I shifted to coffee very early because it was so much easier to reconcile myself... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets: Un Brunch Chez Moi

Who doesn't enjoy a laid back Sunday brunch? It's a lovely way to spend Sunday in the company of good food, drinks and alcohol AND it's easier to organize. Plus it makes perfect sense for the OCD cleaner in me - so much easier to clean up after a brunch than a dinner that stretches into the next morning!... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets : La Belle Vie

Located in Upper Coonoor, La Belle Vie housed in the 115 year old colonial hotel, 180° McIver, is a multi-cuisine restaurant that specializes in French cuisine. It was the board announcing its status as a "French Restaurant" that called my attention as our car made its way up towards Kotagiri Road. We went back the... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets : Enté Keralam

Satiated with pastas, kebabs and all the usual suspects of restaurant cuisine, we were craving a change in cuisine this week when we remembered Enté Keralam. Despite our best intentions, we hadn’t been back since last year’s sumptuous Onam Sadhya. The incessant blaring of religious (and other) songs from loudspeakers in celebration of Ganesh Utsav drove... Continue Reading →

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