French Jobs For Me

As a French teacher in the Alliance française network in India since 2011, I’m often faced with one of these questions: “What can I do after I finish the B2 course?” “How can I use French in my professional life ?” “Ok, so I’m now fluent in French. What can I do with this skill?” … More French Jobs For Me

Postcards from 2006

I’ve read so many anecdotes of people receiving parcels, that were lost in the post, years after they were sent. But not even in my remotest fantasies did I ever think that I’d be one of those people. Sure, I’ve fantasised a lot (and I mean A LOT) about getting a call from Air France … More Postcards from 2006

Canva iPhone App: From Template to Buffer in 5 minutes!

A Canva junkie, who’s been creating social media graphics on the platform since November 2013 (yeah, I was one of those early users!), I was delighted to join Canva’s Inner Circle group on Facebook a few months ago and then receive Rose Powell’s email inviting me to join the Beta Tester’s group for their iPhone … More Canva iPhone App: From Template to Buffer in 5 minutes!