My Students And Other Animals

The urban animal population seems to have an affinity to me, invading my home and even classrooms with little regard for my feelings. We've always had a dog at home, and briefly welcomed turtles, fishes and even birds - all adopted by my brother. But we've also played host to many uninvited animal visitors: lizards, [...]

Why I Still Swear By Auto Rickshaws

Those who know me, know me as the fiercely stubborn woman has refused to learn driving (I actually did, just never got my license) and relies on public transport for her daily commute – buses and local trains in Bombay, buses, rickshaws and 6-seaters (yes I used them too) in Pune and rickshaws in Bangalore. [...]

Nesting in Bangalore – Part III

We recently moved (again) – the desire to live in a nicer apartment, far outweighs the hassle of dealing with the agents of Bangalore, their weird accents and their absolute failure to understand our requirements, not to mention the greed of the landlords! This time we were very lucky – we found an apartment without [...]