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A student of English Literature who wanted to do a Ph.D on the representation of women in Mills & Boons romance novels, I fell in love with the idea of cultural exchanges through languages when I went to Magdeburg, Germany for an exchange programme with Otto-von-Guericke University during my second year of M.A. While in Europe, I also visited Denmark, Sweden and finally France, which pushed me to continue studying French at the Alliance Française de Bombay.

I finished my Masters and moved to Pune where I started freelancing as a content writer. I also finished learning French and started teaching at the Alliance Française de Pune in 2005, continuing to freelance as a writer & translator.

I started dabbling in Social Media in 2009, when I was moonlighting as a content developer for a startup and took to it like a duck to water. (You can read more about my Social Media journey here and see my work in Projects.) Somewhere along the way, I also picked up a second Masters at the Université Grenoble Alpes in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), formalising my passion for teaching French.

Based in Bangalore since 2011, I now teach at the Alliance Française de Bangalore and freelance as a Social Media Consultant.

I have an amazing husband and a beautiful dog, Arya. I love reading, teaching French, writing, talking and cooking. I also love wine (blanc et rosé), single malt whisky, cheese, mangoes and strawberries.

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  1. Good luck with your blog Geets! i’ve attempted twice myself….and the only thing that has stopped me from continuing is my over-dominating Role (motherhood)….as a writer, i have only me and myself to prod, none else. So looking at you, am inspired maybe i could re-hitch my writer Wagon to my Lazy Chillies site yet again! Lovely review, and i shall read more and more. Vas-y, continue! Bon courage chérie, je ne connais pas cet aspect de ta personnalité…quel plaisir!

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