R.I.P Schnapps

A dashing young man with golden locks, he made many hearts melt when he laid his head on their knee, asking to be petted. Schnapps. Our third dog, but the one who taught me what it means to have a dog as a pet. I grew up with dogs. Our first dog, Tikka came home … More R.I.P Schnapps

I Clean. So I am.

I love cleaning, putting things away and organizing. It’s been a bit of an obsession since childhood and though it’s now difficult to obsess about it constantly, I still need an organised space to be able to work, think, eat, sleep and even be in peace. Stationary stores are just as tempting for me as … More I Clean. So I am.

Ciné-concert: “The General” by Buster Keaton with live music by Radiomentale

My saga with rich cultural experiences continues, with the latest being the Ciné-concert organized by the Alliances françaises in India for the 2013 edition of Fête de la musique. What is a ciné-concert ? The concept harks back to the era of silent films when the screenings were accompanied by live music to set the … More Ciné-concert: “The General” by Buster Keaton with live music by Radiomentale

Nesting in Bangalore

“Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.” (The bird makes its nest, step by step. In other words, Rome wasn’t built in a day.) I love this French proverb for its poetry and for being so much more “real” than it’s English counterpart. I couldn’t care less about Rome, but I know that building a … More Nesting in Bangalore

#msFLE : Un petit récapitulatif avant le réemploi

Au début de ce mois j’ai assisté à un stage pour les Médias sociaux et Pédagogie du Français Langue Etrangère organisé par l’Alliance Française de Bombay en collaboration avec l’Ambassade de France en Inde. Déjà à l’aise avec les médias sociaux, pour moi le stage était plus qu’une découverte des médias. C’était une découverte des … More #msFLE : Un petit récapitulatif avant le réemploi

A Letter from Courbet

I saw several films, during the screening of films about the “Grands Maîtres d’Art” organized over 4 weekends at the NGMA (Bangalore) in collaboration with the Alliance Française. The two films that stayed with me and I would strongly recommend to everybody interested in art, whether a novice or an expert are  “La Danse et Degas” … More A Letter from Courbet

Dimanche matin avec Degas et ses danseuses.

Le mois dernier, la Gallérie Nationale d’Art Moderne à Bangalore a organisé une projection de films documentaires sur des grands maîtres d’art en collaboration avec l’Alliance Française. J’ai pu assister quelques films dont j’ai beaucoup apprécié “La Danse et Degas.” Réalisé par Mischa Scorer le documentaire trace l’obsession de Degas pour les danseuses de ballet. … More Dimanche matin avec Degas et ses danseuses.