French Jobs For Me

As a French teacher in the Alliance française network in India since 2011, I’m often faced with one of these questions:

  • “What can I do after I finish the B2 course?”
  • “How can I use French in my professional life ?”
  • “Ok, so I’m now fluent in French. What can I do with this skill?”

Most of our students are young adults, in the quest of an interesting career. They come to the Alliance française hoping that this new skill will open doors for them and lead to a better opportunities, but they don’t know how and where to start.

When they come to me, I usually talk to them about opportunities in teaching and translation. Sometimes I encourage them to pursue higher education in France, giving them to example of students who’ve done that and been recruited by European companies. But my generic answers, more often that not, leave them quite disgruntled.

Thus was born French Jobs For Me. Driven by my feeling of impotence at not being to help them, I decided to start a curated newsletter with the latest jobs where the knowledge of French would either be a key skill or an asset, eventually branching out to offer insider tips about French language and culture, and other career advice.

Sign up now to receive the next newsletter.

If you are an employer looking for people with a good level of French (B1+), you can contact me for including your job offer in the newsletter.

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