Gourmand Geets : Koshy’s

To live in Bangalore and not know Koshy’s is a sacrilege.  And when I say "know" I don’t just mean know the address and use it as a landmark, but actually go there, at least once. I’ve been to Koshy’s of course – not once, but several times. In my first year in Bangalore, I went there several times,... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets : Summer Salads

My tryst with salads truly started last year with the sudden awakening that I also have to watch what I eat ( oh the awful thirties) and with a crazy work schedule like mine, it does help to eat healthy healthier. Pushing aside the cream loaded salad recipes of my youth, I started experimenting with... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets : Simply Panna Cotta

I love stewed strawberries and apples. I love it even more when served with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream. One of the easiest desserts to make when in a hurry, it never fails. But I am bored of it. Staring at what was probably the last batch of strawberries this year, I knew I... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets : Esplanade

One rainy evening, after spending a week cooped up at home on a severely restricted diet, my friend and I were restless and our gourmandise was at its peak. We set out in search of good food in a tranquil ambience and found ourselves passing Esplanade on 100 feet road. We had seen a write-up... Continue Reading →

Gourmand Geets : Ants Café

I first heard about Ants Café from an acquaintance, who said that it was a cool place to chill out on a weekend, adding that it was a Northeast Indian joint. So when my friend and I decided to head there one rainy evening, it was to sample Northeast Indian fare. Fortunately we decided to... Continue Reading →

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