For The Joy Of Cooking (And Eating)

Spinach bake with some chicken sautéed in honey, lemon and chilli flakesAs a child I was as dispassionate about food as one could be. I’m still not the “gourmand” in its connotation of a person who enjoys eating and often consumes copious amounts of food. But I have discovered that there is much pleasure to be gained from a good meal. My short stints away from home forced me to start cooking, but it was never anything interesting. That didn’t change much when I first moved out and set up home in Bangalore a few years ago. But over the years, as I started discovering the finer nuances of food, I started experimenting in the kitchen. A few inspiring meals at some marvellous restaurants led me to start looking up recipes and before long I’d taken on the title of Gourmand Geets.

Gourmand (noun / adjective): a connoisseur of good food, a gourmet

Chicken in Creamy Mustard SauceThe monotony of daily routine set me back from my culinary adventures for a while, but a recent visit from friends from France revived my passion for whipping up a good meal. Going to the market has become a pleasure once again as I ponder over the vegetables and fruits and pick my favourite salad ingredients…and I find myself looking forward to “cooking hour” every evening.

It’s been a glorious week of delicious delectable salads, and some of my favourite preparations: Baked Spinach in my own version of Bechamel (my definition of soul food on a rainy evening), Chicken Sautéed in Honey, Lemon and Chilli Flakes (so quick & such a hit every time I serve this!),  Sweet Potato Salad with a delightful Mango Chutney Vinagrette, Chicken in a Creamy Mustard Sauce or the (closer to home) Andhra Curry Leaf Chicken, inspired by the one at Windsor Pub. This time around, I’ve decided to start cataloguing my adventures in the kitchen.

Fellow gourmands can follow my culinary adventures on Instagram under #GourmandGeets.

One thought on “For The Joy Of Cooking (And Eating)

  1. My father always said that a gourmet is someone who prefers to make a meal out of a series of small dishes, whilst a gourmand prefers fewer dishes in heartier portions. I guess I go back and forth between the two 🙂

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