How Being A Social Media Ballerina Got Me A Pot Of Mustard!

Food Trucks are quite the rage in Bangalore since last year and you can eat a wide variety of stuff ranging from kababs to to pav bhaji to burgers to pancakes! My favourite of course is Le Casse-Croûte, a French food truck which launched in September 2015 and serves sandwiches (or croques as the French call them) with some delicious sides. When they launched at the Alliance Française, the serpentine queue made me balk and I had to wait several weeks before I finally caught them at their now regular stop at 6th main, Indiranagar. One croque, fries and a crème de la crème and I was hooked!

It goes without saying that I became a regular when they launched on Swiggy earlier this year – what could be better than getting a tasty croque with some fries, both still deliciously warm, delivered to your doorstep after a long, tiring class or in the middle of a brain-storming meeting with a startup?

A loyal customer and ardent supporter, you can imagine my distress when one evening Swiggy refused to deliver our favourite croques! I refused to give up though and got the husband on customer support with Swiggy, while I took to Twitter.


15 minutes later, we had a solution and barely 45 minutes later, we were curled up in our armchairs munching with great content on Monsieur Martin and Monsieur Dupleix protecting our fries and the mustard sauce from our very greedy gourmand dog!


Little did I know that my enthusiasm for Le Casse-Croûte would earn me a pot of their excellent mustard free! I woke up the next morning to this tweet from them :


A few exchanges on Twitter and Whatsapp later, I found myself with an offer to choose between their home made tomato ketchup mustard or crème de la crème. It didn’t even take me a minute to choose – the Casse-Croûte mustard sauce is one of the best I’ve had outside France. In fact we love it so much, that we often order extra mustard not just for the fries, but also to use later as a dressing for salads or to whip up creamy mustard sauce for a chicken filet meal.

Since I seem to have a constant stock of the extra mustard (yes, we order from them EVERY week), I was a little tardy in picking up that free mustard, but I finally got it today – my first pot of mustard earned simply by being a loyal customer and ardent supporter of a brand on Twitter! Youpi! I can’t wait to try out some new mustard-y recipes over the next few weeks!

You can follow Le Casse-Croûte on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know where they are parked – or of course, if you stay in or around Indiranagar, Swiggy zindabad!

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