Canva iPhone App: From Template to Buffer in 5 minutes!

A Canva junkie, who’s been creating social media graphics on the platform since November 2013 (yeah, I was one of those early users!), I was delighted to join Canva’s Inner Circle group on Facebook a few months ago and then receive Rose Powell’s email inviting me to join the Beta Tester’s group for their iPhone app!

I have to admit – it was really difficult restraining myself till the official launch. I loved the app from the very first TestFlight I received. As smooth as the web platform, the iPhone app has just made my life as a freelance social media consultant so much easier. No need to create slots for creating images on Canva – I can now create images while I’m on the move, before a meeting or even while I’m waiting for my (often tardy) husband to pick me up after work! The Canva app allows you to do pretty much everything you can do on the web, with the same ease!

I created my first image on the app for the Instagram account of Skilla, a chatbot startup that aims to help people find team members with the right skills. {Spoiler Alert!} It took me 5 minutes from the point where I chose my template to when I added the final image to the Buffer queue, ready to be published this Sunday!

Quick tips for using the Canva iPhone app:

  • Let’s start with template options – Facebook (posts and cover images), Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube Art, Blog Graphics, Flyers, Visiting Cards, Invitations, Posters and even Presentations. Pretty impressive for an app!
  • Once you’ve chosen your template, you can select a layout – as always, you’re spoilt for choice, but if you like working on a clean slate, you will have to search for “grids” under elements.
  • Replacing the background images in the templates with stuff from your phone’s photo library is easy…as is editing the images with the various filters, but you can’t alter the transparency of the image yet.
  • To edit text, you need to double tap on the text. You can change the fonts, edit the font style & size and even modify the text spacing! How cool is that ?!?
  • The elements library has a tons of shapes, grid options, illustrations and funky icons, but they don’t have any photos yet, so you might need to access of your photo library on the phone.

Download the Canva iPhone app from the App Store.

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