My tryst with an ovarian cyst – discovery & diagnosis

(This is the first part of a three-part series about my experience from the discovery of the dermoid cyst, to my harrowing experience in the various hospitals of Bangalore, to the final laparoscopic removal by Dr. Deepak Rao of Rashmi Hospital). I look forward to Christmas holidays more than the average person. The holidays for … More My tryst with an ovarian cyst – discovery & diagnosis

French Jobs For Me

As a French teacher in the Alliance française network in India since 2011, I’m often faced with one of these questions: “What can I do after I finish the B2 course?” “How can I use French in my professional life ?” “Ok, so I’m now fluent in French. What can I do with this skill?” … More French Jobs For Me

Postcards from 2006

I’ve read so many anecdotes of people receiving parcels, that were lost in the post, years after they were sent. But not even in my remotest fantasies did I ever think that I’d be one of those people. Sure, I’ve fantasised a lot (and I mean A LOT) about getting a call from Air France … More Postcards from 2006

Organised At Home And Organised At Work Makes Me Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

I’m a sucker for neat, organised spaces and spend my weekends labouring over my storage spaces. My mother, a perfectionist whose cupboards are always immaculately arranged, doesn’t need to do this as often as I do and I find myself constantly running to catch up with her. I think I’ve finally found the solution: storage … More Organised At Home And Organised At Work Makes Me Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

R.I.P Schnapps

A dashing young man with golden locks, he made many hearts melt when he laid his head on their knee, asking to be petted. Schnapps. Our third dog, but the one who taught me what it means to have a dog as a pet. I grew up with dogs. Our first dog, Tikka came home … More R.I.P Schnapps

I Clean. So I am.

I love cleaning, putting things away and organizing. It’s been a bit of an obsession since childhood and though it’s now difficult to obsess about it constantly, I still need an organised space to be able to work, think, eat, sleep and even be in peace. Stationary stores are just as tempting for me as … More I Clean. So I am.

Sundays at NGMA.

The Bangalore chapter of the National Gallery of Modern Art, is situated on Palace road, not far from the Alliance Française, so when a student spoke about an exhibition of photographs by Homai Vyarawalla (see this Themeefy for more information), I decided to go there that very day. I was enchanted even before I saw … More Sundays at NGMA.