Alliance Française de Bangalore

A French language and cultural institute, member of the Fondation Alliance Française network, Alliance Française de Bangalore didn’t have a social media presence till 2011. As the person who created their social media presence, I worked as their Responsable de Communications till 2013 and again briefly in 2017.


Create a social media presence for the institute and help promote classes & activities on the Web.
Spearhead & develop the institute’s activities in the use of modern technology in teaching (TICE).


I had to create and awareness about the importance of social media, so it was quite an uphill task to convince the management to allocate time, energy & budgets to this new medium of marketing. In both my tenures, budgets for social media were very limited.


  • Create and share content about the classes and cultural activities organised by the Alliance Française de Bangalore on social media accounts : TwitterFacebook, Instagram.
  • Send monthly newsletters about the activities through MailJet.
  • Promote the cultural and pedagogical events at the Alliance Française de Bangalore for the network magazines, AF Mag and Salle de Profs.
  • Set up and manage the internal social network (Ning) of the students of the Alliance Française de Bangalore (2011-2015).


Some examples of the artwork created for print & web:

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