A curation platform that focused primarily on the EdTech sector, Themeefy allowed its users to discover and organise digital content into Themes, archive real life learning experiences into a visual learning journey.

Part of the founding team, I worked closely with the design and engineering team of the product to set up and manage their Social Media identity, till they were bought out in 2014.


Build the Themeefy brand on the Web and establish a relationship with the users (educators across the world) to understand their requirements and propose features to the product team.


A boot-strapped startup, Themeefy Inc had limited budgets, so I had to play the role of content developer, designer and growth hacker with zero marketing budgets!


  • Create and share content on the various social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube):
  1. Blog posts about the product, its features, interviews with users.
  2. Identify related trending topics and create content to promote the topic, thus building the product brand as an subject matter expert.
  • Execute a sustained corporate communication strategy for Themeefy & MomentBox through regular emails to users.

The hands-on experience of growth hacking & building a bootstrapped product’s brand helped me hone my skills as a Social Media professional, allowing me to give the best possible advice to companies based on their requirements and budgets.


Some examples of the artwork created for social media:








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