FranceSay: A Word A Day (Instagram)

FranceSay (pronounced /fʁɑ̃.sɛ/) – an amalgamation of France and Say – came into being after I took to Instagram and realised that students spending hours on this visual social network could benefit from it by learning a word a day!


Share a French word every day to encourage students of French to learn new words and continue the learning process through a more visual (and definitely more casual) medium.


There were already several other accounts doing the same thing, so I had to find my unicorn feature: Since the others were sharing French words with their meaning in English – an excellent idea for beginners – I decided that my images have no English at all.


Create images on Canva using Creative Commons icons from The Noun Project to illustrate them. The pronunciation is indicated in the International Phonetic Alphabet and the meaning is in French.


Some examples of the images created for FranceSay:










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