What Are Chatbots

A medium publication, that started primarily as a side effort to publish a white paper on chat bots while I was moonlighting with Skilla, and soon developed into a full-fledged project for a few months, What Are Chatbots was an effort to explain this new buzz word to the layman.


The world of chat bots is exciting for technophiles but the average millennial is still largely clueless about bots. I was given the task of writing a white paper targeted at the urban millennials who had no idea what chat bot are, where to find them and what to do with them.


I was the target audience! I had to read extensively before I understand the field and set about writing the paper, and eventually the posts for the publication.


  • In depth research to understand the origins and developments of chat bots and write the white paper using an easy conversational style associated with chat bots.
  • Develop the Medium publication, using the white paper content and reviews of chat bots that would be relevant to our target audience: the Indian urban millennial.

Much to my pleasant surprise, it caught the attention of an agency looking to expand into this space…and I found myself in conversations with the amazing folks Red Baron who wanted to buy out the site!

What Are Chatbots is now being maintained, managed and grown by Red Baron. I continue to publish articles for them whenever inspiration strikes!


Infographic created for the What Are Chatbots.


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