My Students And Other Animals

The urban animal population seems to have an affinity to me, invading my home and even classrooms with little regard for my feelings. We've always had a dog at home, and briefly welcomed turtles, fishes and even birds - all adopted by my brother. But we've also played host to many uninvited animal visitors: lizards,... Continue Reading →

Boozy Fruit Cake

I've been baking cakes for nearly over two decades now and though I'm a stickler for following recipes, I've started taking liberties and doing my own thing (within the pre-defined limits of a recipe of course). Last week's boozy fruit cake came from a random mélange of recipes of fruit muffins and Christmas cake that... Continue Reading →

Writing For A Chatbot

I started moonlighting for Skilla a few months ago. For the uninitiated, Skilla is a chatbot (currently in closed beta on Facebook Messenger) that allows people to create a professional page to showcase their skills and eventually find people with complementary skills for their project / startup. Users can message Skilla and answer some quick... Continue Reading →

For The Joy Of Cooking (And Eating)

As a child I was as dispassionate about food as one could be. I'm still not the “gourmand” in its connotation of a person who enjoys eating and often consumes copious amounts of food. But I have discovered that there is much pleasure to be gained from a good meal. My short stints away from... Continue Reading →

An Instagrammer’s Best Friends

I joined Instagram rather late, resisting it as a platform for the frivolous, selfie obsessed millennials. But once on board, I found myself instantly addicted to the endless stream of beautiful, inspiring photos on my fields of interest: books, food, travel and dogs of course! I realised that there’s more to an Instagrammer than posting beautiful... Continue Reading →

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