An iSpirit initiative, Innofest is a platform where grassroots innovators can connect with enablers, experts, mentors and peers to take their ideas to the next level. Apart from its various awareness programmes and workshops, Innofest also organizes a unique festival to celebrate innovation in various cities of India.


Promote the Innofest message on the existing social media platforms, working closely with the volunteer group to promote the work of Indian innovators.


A volunteer programme, that works with entrepreneurs and innovators across the country, Innofest has a large network, yet few of them have a social media presence that I could promote. The greatest challenge in this project lies in converting intangible content into the tangible, taking it from archives and memories to social media.


  • Working closely with the volunteer team to revamp the Innofest website and improve messaging for the platform.
  • Reaching out to entrepreneurs and participants of Innofest in the previous years to build their stories on the social web.


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